Great creative ideas, which make good use of empty glass jars

Whether you have a passion for recycling and reusing household items, or you’re looking for new containers for home made jam or materials for crafty gifts, glass jars have a lot of potential. These well made, attractive jars can be found in almost every home, from jam jars to kiln clip jars. Once you’ve used up the initial contents of these glass jars don’t bin them, as there is plenty that you can do with your empty glass jars to give them a new lease on life.

Serving drinks

If you’re looking for a new and novel way to brighten up a dinner party or drinks with friends then serve your mojitos or Long Island Iced Tea in left over glass jars. Simply wash and sterilise the jars thoroughly and fill with the most colourful cocktails and a bright straw for an instant party talking point.

Perfect gifts

Glass jars are tactile, solid and aesthetically appealing, which makes them a great idea for incorporating into gifts. For example, fill an empty class jar with cupcake ingredients and tie with a bow for an instantly cool bake-themed present. Alternatively, fill the jar with soil and a bulb to create a thoughtful plant gift, or use it for your home made jam, chutney, lemon curd or marmalade – the ultimate tasty, craft Christmas or birthday surprise.

Instagram-friendly food

Glass jars are ideal for food storage and look great, especially if you’re always seeking the perfect social media snap. For example, use the glass jar for your lunch and layer up bright strips of vegetables such as carrot, beets and tomatoes for a rainbow dining experience. Alternatively, use your glass jars to store overnight recipes for oats or chia seeds – eat direct from the glass jar the next day for a convenient and healthy breakfast.


If you’re looking for storage hacks around the house then the humble glass jar has a lot to offer. Use glass jars in the bathroom to store cotton pads, cotton wool and cotton buds. Add a pump to the top of a glass jar for an instant hand soap dispenser. Fix a simple pincushion to a glass jar lid and then fill the jar with buttons, threads, needles and other sewing paraphernalia. If you’re in to home made treatments, such as face masks and body scrubs, then use your glass jar as a cool and secure storage pot.

Creating atmosphere

One of the simplest ways to re-use a glass jar is just to fill it with water and add fresh flowers – the smallest glass jars are perfect for primroses, bluebells or other wildflowers while larger jars can hold anything from roses to daffodils. Add tea lights to glass jars for cute candle holders – if you’re feeling really creative then use coloured markers to design on the outside for multicoloured light features. Glass jars also make great shabby chic design features – paint or distress the outside of the jar to create a talking point piece and give your home an on-trend design fix.

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