Jam Producers Look Out! The Latest Range Of Glass Jars Are Out!

We all know that the perfect jam requires the perfect jar and if autumn seems like a good time to upgrade your glass jars then we have some ideal options. And if by ‘upgrade’ you think we mean ‘spend more’ then think again as the latest range is available at some very competitive pricing.

Jam jar range

Our glass jars come in a range of size options, from 1oz to 1.5L so whatever volume of jam you are looking to sell we can accommodate your needs. There are some fantastic designs to choose from, whether you are looking for traditional shapes and designs or something with more angles.

In fact, when it comes to glass jars your wish is our command – simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our very best to find it.

JBC service

One of the things that makes us unique is the fact that we are a local company, based in Surrey, but we also have access to an extensive network of business connections that stretches right across the globe. This comes in incredibly useful in terms of meeting – and surpassing – customer expectations, as we are able to get hold of the very latest packaging designs meaning that you have access to these too.

We understand the importance of glass jars to most jam producers, which is why we ensure we can always dispatch your order quickly, thanks to extensive warehousing facilities that mean we can hold plenty of stock.

Something unique?

We also know that, whilst a glass jar may be a simple thing, it can still be the ‘wrong’ design or not showcase the product properly, which is why we offer such a broad selection of glass jars and why we are always introducing new selections, such as the latest range that has just come out.

We also like to think that we can offer our customers something a little bit different – if you’re looking for that design that will really make your product stand out, or give it that additional edge when it comes to showing it off at its very best we are on it.

Ordering our Jam jars 

Whether you are looking to access the regular jam market or you are pitching your products right at the very upper end, we have glass jars for all brands and all jams, at a whole wide range of prices.

If you need to order in bulk then that’s fine too – where you have a requirement for more glass jars than the website allows you to buy, simply contact our sales team and they will help you with your requirements.

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