How to: Sterilise Your Jars

If you are getting crafty with kilner jars, then you’ll need to learn how to effectively clean them. Food safety and cleanliness is essential and could mean  the difference between delicious desserts and the taste of washing up liquid.

Here’s how to sterilise kilner jars:  


A dishwasher is a quick and easy way to wash your jars. Simply remove the lid from each jar, as well as the rubber seals, and place in the dishwasher where you would usually put mugs or glasses. 

Set to the warmest setting available and turn on. Do not use any washing tablets or liquids. Try and time the wash cycle just before you need to use the jars but never add cold food to hot jars or vice versa as this can damage the glass. 

Oven Wash 

If you do not have a dishwasher then don’t panic! There are other ways of cleaning your kilner jars. Preheat your oven to gas mark 1 or 130 degrees and layer the metal shelves with newspaper. Don’t do the bottom of the oven though. 

Place the jars on the newspaper so that they are evenly spaced, and leave in the oven for around 20 minutes. Once this time has passed remove from the oven and leave to cool on a heat proof mat. 


You could use your microwave to clean too! Wash the jars as normal but don’t dry them. Instead add the wet jars to the microwave and warm for around 30 seconds. This may take a little longer if the jars are rather large. Be careful - if there is any metal on your jar do not place in the microwave.

Water Bath

For this you will need a deep pan placed on a wooden chopping board or heat proof mat. Take off the lids from the jars and set to one side. Place the jars into the pan and surround with water until the jars are half covered. Top up this water with boiling water so that the kilner jars are covered. 

Leave the jars in this water for around 10 minutes and cover with foil to keep the steam in. Remove the foil carefully and discard it. Remove the jars from the water and tip away. Wipe with a clean dry cloth and you’re all ready to fill with delicious desserts or chutneys. 

Whatever method you choose to sterilise your jars, have fun creating yummy recipes, and don’t forget to send us some pictures!