re-purpose empty glass jars

Glass jars are a great alternative to plastic because they can be safely and stylishly reused in so many different ways. Whether your motivation is to buy less and live a more sustainable lifestyle, or simply to save some money, starting to re-purpose empty glass jars will be the first step.

1. Pre-preparing your foods

Instead of buying food pre-prepared in packets, buy it fresh, prep it at home and then store in the fridge in a glass jar. You’ll have your cooking ingredients ready to use and they’ll stay fresh for much longer too. All you have to do is grab the jar from the fridge when you’re ready to cook.

2. Organising your utensils

Drawers full of utensils are a pain to deal with. We’ve all experienced that moment when you can’t even open the drawer because a wooden spoon or tin opener has jammed it shut. With used glass jars you can methodically organise all your utensils, as you might with pens on a desk. 

3. Packing your lunches

The Mason Jar Lunch might be very Instagrammable thanks to its gorgeous aesthetics but it’s also a very practical solution to transporting your food that will keep it super fresh.

4. Storing your herbs

Herbs can be an expensive purchase but, if not used straight away, often end up wilted in the bottom of the fridge. If you have spare glass jars then use them to stand the herbs in a little water – cover the top with a clear plastic bag and the herbs will last much longer.

5. Accessing your kitchen wipes

Cut a hole in the lid of your glass jar to thread the wipes through and you’ve instantly got a more effective and aesthetically pleasing way to store kitchen wipes. Plus, they are much more likely to stay fresh inside a glass container than a plastic one.

6. Storage for baking supplies

If you’re a keen baker then you’ve probably found yourself frustrated at the lack of good storage for baking supplies. Baking supplies are usually small, sporadically used, and it’s easy to forget you have them. Use glass jars – for example to store cupcake cases – and you’ll always be able to see what you have, so you don’t end up doubling up and buying more.

7. The ultimate spice storage

Organise your spices with labeled, reused glass jars and you’ll have a much more organised spice rack, with fewer spills and no open plastic packets to deal with.

8. Keeping dry goods fresh

From cereals, through to rice and pasta, all of your dry goods will eventually become less fresh when exposed to the open air. Not so if you keep them in glass jars. In reused glass jars, dry goods are more organised and keep their freshness for longer. Glass jars not only look great but have many functions too – you can browse our range of glass jars here.

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