Before you drop us an email or pick up the phone with a question, chances are that someone else has already asked the question. We have put some of them below. In the rarity that we haven't answered your burning question, drop us an email, or pick up the phone (number on this page)

Q: Can I buy in bulk quantities?

A: Of course. Drop us an email or pick up the phone (see below), and it will great to speak to you.

Q: I don’t quite understand ordering in packs?

A: All of our products are packed in quantities that are great for our customers and great for shipping. As a result, we sell them in these quantities, or packs. Under each description, displayed is the number of glass bottles, glass jars or closures, i.e. x 50 per pack. If you order more packs, the cheaper they get.

Q: Can you split pack sizes so that I can get samples?

A: We cannot split pack sizes, but samples can be bought through the website. Just have a look at the product you want, and there you can buy a sample.

Q: How will my order be packed?

A: It all depends on quantity. If you are ordering a small quantity your order will be boxed and shipped out in the quantities stated on the website. With large quantities of the same item, we reserve the right to deliver the products as a total quantity, not broken down in a per case quantity. The order will still arrive in boxes, but there may be more units per box than the quantity stated. If you do require any special packaging considerations, please discuss with our team prior to ordering so we can investigate whether it is viable.

Q: When will I get my order?

A: We offer two different types of shipping, standard and premium. Standard will take 3-5 working days, Premium will be the next working day (not currently guaranteed), if ordered before 10am. When you checkout and pay, you get to choose which option you want. If you want delivery on any specific day please do get in touch and we will try our best to help.

Q: Can I come and collect my order?

A: Currently all stock is being despatched from our Scunthorpe warehouse and in time we will have a collection facility in South London. Until then all orders will need to be delivered, apologies if this causes you inconvenience.  


Q: Are you open at weekends?

A: We are only open Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm.

Q: Can you make a special bottle or jar for me?

A: Roughly, for bottles for beer & soft drinks, the minimum order started at 150,000, but can rise to 750,000. For premium spirit bottles, a bespoke bottle could be produced for 15,000 units. 

Q: Do you sell plastic bottles?

A: Plastic is a swear word around our place! Glass is the very best material, it is always 100% recyclable, can be used many many times over, why would we sell plastic?!

Q: What are your postage costs?

A: Our website works out the postage for each individual order, as factors like the weight and your postcode make a difference. When you check out, you get the choice between different postage options, and the costs associated.

Q: What does it mean ‘pallet service’?

A: When it becomes cheaper to ship on a wooden pallet, we will. This also means that the cost of shipping doesn’t increase once it gets to that cost. The pallet will be delivered on a lorry to you.

Q: I have received my order, and some of my jars / bottles broken.

A: However carefully we pack them, this does happen very occasionally. Please send an email to stating your order number, and what is broken. Please also send some pictures so that we can claim of the courier. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details and restrictions.

Q: I have received my order, but there are some parts missing.

A: Sometimes, different parts of orders are in different packs or bags, and they get separated during transit. If you email with your order number and what is missing, we will get on it and track down what has happened!

Q: Where do you ship outside of the UK?

A: We only ship to the following countries: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire. We also ship to the following islands; Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, The Shetlands, Hebridean and Orkney Isles.

For any other territory, we don’t ship there, but you can arrange your own courier and collect from our place. Just let us know.

Q: I can’t see the jar or bottle that I want. Can you get it for me?

A: Yes, but the minimum order will be one pallet, which is around 1,500 units (depending on the product). We don’t have the capacity to bring in pallets when we don’t have enough orders for it.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions you can contact us using our online contact form, or give us a call on 020 8158 4646.