JBC offers different ways to buy glass jars in bulk at excellent wholesale prices. The most affordable option is to purchase glass jars on full bulk pallets, which are delivered directly from the manufacturer in layers and shrink-wrapped in plastic. However, this requires you to have a pallet nearby for easy access during your manufacturing process.

Our storage facility holds large amounts of bulk pallets to service high volume businesses and they are ready to be delivered. That's why JBC is the perfect strategic partner for your operation.

If you don't have enough space to handle and store your bulk jars, JBC also offers the option to ship a boxed pallet to your production facility. The jars are boxed in easy-to-manage sizes and weights and stacked on a pallet for convenient transportation.

You don't need to purchase a full boxed pallet quantity; anything over 10 boxes can usually be shipped on a wooden pallet instead of a combined parcels service. The cost difference for shipping a quarter, half, or full pallet quantity of boxed items is often less than £10. Therefore, purchasing larger quantities of the same or mixed boxes of jars and bottles delivered on a pallet can help distribute the carriage cost and save you money compared to shipping smaller quantities through the parcels service.

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