How to: Spot Paint Wine Bottles

Are you looking for something crafty to do to pass the time as the weather starts turning? You can’t get outside much without getting soaked through, so stay  warm and cosy and make something that will look lovely as part of your home décor.

Plus you’ll be using recycling products so it won’t cost you any more than a small pot of glass paint!

Here is how to spot paint your wine bottles:

What you’ll Need:

  • Empty glass wine bottle or similar
  • Squared graph paper
  • Cello tape
  • White glass paint
  • Paintbrush

(To protect your work surface you may want to put some old newspaper down)


Start off by preparing the bottle. Remove any labels, corks or screw tops and wash the bottle thoroughly. Leave to dry.

Using cello tape create a sleeve of graph paper around the bottle. This will be used for your guidelines. Make sure that the paper is secured in a tube but can easily be slid up and down the bottle. You may want a slack piece of tape to keep the paper in place to ensure it doesn’t move while painting. 

Take your paint brush and dip the opposite end to the head into the paint. This should be well covered but not saturated so that it drips. Using this blunt end dab on a dot of paint to the bottle. 

Repeat to create the pattern of your choice. The graph paper can act as a marker so that dots are evenly spaced and the pattern is even. These dots should line up with the lines of the paper.

Once you have experimented with dotted rings around the bottle get a little creative. Join dots in lines to give a mesh like effect or you can make it more elaborate using stuck on shapes. Do you want a heart on the bottle? Then cut out a heart from the graph paper and stick it to the bottle where you would like it to appear using some twisted tape. This will be your stencil for your dots. When you have outlined the shape simply remove the paper to leave a heart shaped gap in the paint.

When your bottle is covered with paint patterns and you are happy with it, place it to one side. The paint should take a few hours to dry completely so be careful not to smudge your design. 

When dry these spot painted bottles look lovely as make shift candelabras or vases on a sunny windowsill. Use different coloured glass bottles for best effects.

Whilst reading this blog have you thought of another craft you can do with glass bottles and glass paint? Well, let us know! It may even make it onto the blog!

(image: szinesotletek)

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