Assembling Your Gift Boxes

At JBC Online we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect packaging, that's why we have worked hard to bring you the best packaging we can. To help you put it together we have created two short instruction videos. 

So, simply follow our quick and easy guide to assembling your gift and mail boxes below to fashion the perfect handcrafted packaging. These boxes not only personalise your gift, but also protect your product by keeping each item separately packaged.

How To Assemble Your Gift Box

How To Assemble Your Mail Box

Decoration Tips:

Here are five handy tips to help you to be creative with your packaging design, and to portray a more personalised approach:

  1. Decorate with tissue paper; layer the tissue paper to create a psychedelic and abstract feel.
  2. Get in touch with nature by adding leaves or flowers to the ornamentation; this is especially successful if the elements you attach are ingredients in the product itself. For example, elderflowers attached as decoration on a gift box containing elderflower cordial.
  3. To align the appearance with the product, employ a wide range of materials: ribbons, ties, rope, felt or wool. For instance, a product with a nautical theme would have a greater visual impact if rope was used as the wrapping component, as it would relate better to the product itself.
  4. If you don’t have the time to draw or illustrate directly on the box itself (or you're worried about your artistic ability), you can use stickers or stamps instead. 
  5. Finally, don't forget to add a personalised label for your customer as a finishing touch.

We wish you good luck with your packaging and artistic designs! 

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