How to select the ideal glass bottles for your homebrew

If you’ve put time and energy into creating your own homebrew, then finding the perfect glass bottles to present and store it in, is essential. There are a number of important elements involved in finding the ideal glass bottles for your homebrew, including quality, aesthetics, and how well the bottle is suited to what’s inside it. If you’re keen to make the perfect choice then these are a few things that you should consider. 

Low quality vs. high quality

Even if you’re not retailing what you’ve made to customers, the question of quality is still important. Low quality glass bottles, or those that are made from plastic, will not only be less attractive but could also have an impact on the bottle contents. For example, you might find that plastic leaches chemicals into the liquid inside or affects the taste of your homebrew.

If you want to ensure that you get the most from what you’ve made – in terms of taste and longevity – high quality glass bottles are really the only choice. Given the range of glass bottles available, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The right type of glass bottles

Most of us know that wine belongs in wine bottles; and homebrew requires a different kind of container all together. There are various factors involved in the choice of glass bottle – you only need to look at the bottling habits of some of the big retailers to understand the 'rule-of-thumb'. And there are good reasons for the choices that commercial beer retailers make – for example, it is generally accepted that clear glass bottles are completely incompatible with beer because they provide no protection against sunlight.

Green bottles can be an improvement but it’s the brown glass bottles that are ideally suited to homebrew because they provide the most protection against the beer inside being “light struck.” The 330ml Amber Beer Bottle is the ideal example of a brown glass bottle that is perfectly suited to beer homebrew.

Giving your homebrew a professional edge

Just because the beer has been brewed on the premises doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a thoroughly professional finish. Such a wide range of beautiful glass bottles exist for homebrew, that it doesn’t make sense to use the wrong type. That’s especially so if you’re planning to give the homebrew as a gift or to serve it up for a special occasion.

You’ll make much more impact with what you’ve created if you take the time to invest in the right bottles. That could be the unique design of our 500ml Swing Stopper Bottle or it might be the simple 750ml Returnable Amber Beer Bottle with its built in light protection.

JBC stocks a very wide variety of different glass bottles that are ideal for homebrewed beer, wine, cider, and spirits too. Take a look at our glass bottles to see your options or order a sample to get an idea of what might be best for your product today.

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