How to: Bake your own quirky cookies for glass cookie jars

The majority of people are partial to the odd sweet treat, and the classic cookie is a choice that has been popular for decades. However, as our understanding of food and flavours has developed over time, this has led to more people experimenting with different ideas depending on their personal preferences.

Here are some quirky recipes that we have come up with, that you might like to try, and present in glass cookie jars.

Quirky cookie recipe…

For your standard cookie base, you can generally utilise a basic 3:2:1 recipe of flour, to fat to sugar, so for the avid bakers, this is something that should be easy to adapt to add your own flavours. Otherwise, there are plenty of recipes that you can find that will incorporate your own ideas.

… for the brave bacon-lovers

This one is one of the most quirky that we have come up with, so it might not be to everyone’s taste. Many of us are familiar with the combination of maple and bacon, and this contrast of sweet and salty is still just as good in the form of a cookie. Simply add some maple syrup to your cookie mixture (not too much, or the texture will become too runny), and add crispy pieces of bacon before baking.

… for the children

Children love nothing more than something exciting. Simply incorporate their favourite chocolates into the cookies by breaking them into small chunks and adding to the mixture before baking. For something a bit different, why not add a couple of gummy sweets to the top of the cookies mid-baking – when they melt the colours melt together and create a colourful and fun topping! You can even get the children involved creating their own designs by choosing which sweets they want to add.

… for the health-conscious

Even the most health-conscious of us enjoy the odd cookie from time to time. And what better way to make it guilt-free than to add some nutritional value in the form of the increasingly popular Matcha green tea flavour. The powder is available in most supermarkets as a health food and also makes the cookies a vibrant and interesting shade of green!

Storing your baked goods in glass jars

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