Creative ideas for decorating a wedding with glass jars and bottles

Glass bottles and jars are a great way to incorporate some rustic charm into your wedding decorations. You’ve chosen your dress, the bridesmaids' dresses, and the venue. Now you're looking for unique ways to decorate your wedding. 

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself bride or a professional wedding planner, you’re in luck! We have some creative ideas that will help make your special day one to remember.

Mason jar centerpieces

One way to incorporate glass jars into your wedding decorations is by using mason jars as centerpieces. Mason jars are perfect for creating rustic-themed centerpieces that are sure to impress both family and friends. 

To create a centerpiece, fill mason jars with seasonal flowers or plants, colourful stones, sand, or candles. You can also use mason jars as vases for bouquets of flowers or wildflowers which can be arranged on tables around the room. This simple but elegant centerpiece is sure to be a hit with guests!

Wedding decorations

Table decorations with glass bottles

For another unique way to decorate your wedding with glass bottles, use them as table decorations. Empty clear glass bottles can be filled with colourful stones and lights for an eye-catching display. 

Or you can fill them up with colourful sand and add shells for a beachy feel. You could also fill them up with fairy lights for an enchanting look that will surely wow your guests. Place these bottles along tables around the reception hall for a beautiful addition to any décor theme.

Wedding decorations

Jars filled with sweets and treats

Glass jars filled with delicious treats are always sure to please at weddings! Fill up glass jars of all shapes and sizes with sweets of all colours and flavours such as M&Ms, jelly beans, chocolates, etc., then place these on the tables around the reception hall.  

You could also use larger glass containers like our 850ml jam jar filled with hot chocolate bars or coffee sachets so that guests can mix their own favourite hot drinks. 

Wedding decorations

Paint and distress your glass bottles 

For an antique-inspired look, try painting and distressing glass bottles as wedding decorations. A neutral colour works best since it will match any décor scheme you choose. Then, use sandpaper or steel wool to distress the bottle in certain areas. 

This will add texture and character that you won’t be able to find with new glassware!

Wedding decorations

Add flowers to glass bottles

Adding flowers is always a great option when it comes to decorating with glass bottles at weddings! You can either add real flowers such as roses or peonies (which look stunning!), or artificial flowers in the same colour scheme as your other decorations. Place them in the bottles in clusters for an elegant look that’s sure to wow guests!

Wedding decorations

Decorating your wedding doesn't have to be expensive or complicated; all you need is some creativity! Using glass jars and bottles as wedding decorations is an easy way to spruce up any event without breaking the bank — plus they make great keepsakes afterwards too! With our tips in mind, you'll have no trouble making your dream wedding come true! Good luck!