Why jars of sweets are a must have for your children’s birthday parties

These are perfect for children’s birthday parties. Jars of sweets are becoming more popular, and giving a more retro feel to birthday treats, instead of the plastic party bag and token slab of cake that your children will have no doubt received before!

With JBC’s range of jar sizes to choose from, such as the 55ml Hex Shaped Jars to larger 1550ml Square Jars, these sweet jars are the perfect birthday gift or token item to take away and enjoy for party guests, children and adults alike. Here are some tasty recipes for you to have a go at making:

Raspberry circle lollies:

The humble lolly has been enjoyed by children for many years, and is extremely simple to make. Simply dissolve 450g granulated sugar into 150ml water over a low heat, before adding raspberry essence and food colouring. Boil until the temperature gets to 148C and allow to cool slightly in the pan. Spoon into circles on a board covered with greaseproof paper, and add a wooden stick to each one, leaving to set before wrapping.

JBC tip: You can make these into humbugs instead by halving the mixture and only adding colour to half, then twisting two strips together to set.

Sherbet fizz bags

The ideal accompaniment for your raspberry circle lollies is homemade sherbet bags. To make this, add 600g icing sugar and 20g citric acid crystals to an electric mixer. Add 10g sodium bicarbonate and 5 drops of lemon flavouring, and allow to slowly mix for 5 minutes. Serve this in small paper or plastic bags, ready for dipping.

Indulgent chocolate fudge

For those with a more “chocolatey” sweet tooth, this easy-to-make chocolate fudge is ideal. All you need is to melt 125g butter in a saucepan with 120g milk. Add 500g of light brown sugar after this has melted, and allow mixture to bubble.

Remove from the heat before adding 100g of either dark or milk chocolate (depending on preference). Beat in 300g of icing sugar until the mixture is stiff. Oil a shallow tray and press the mixture as flat as possible. Place in the fridge for 12 hours to set completely, and when ready, divide into bite-sized chunks.

Ideal treats for children’s parties

These homemade sweets offer a cost-effective way of giving a taken gift to each child invited to the party, as well as a creative activity to do with your own child. Sweets jars are growing in popularity and more and more commonly being seen on the shelves of the many shops.

Despite being homemade, these can look extremely professional and premium when stored in JBC’s glass jars.

Keep jars of individual types of sweets, or create a mix of different flavours! Give as gifts at your next child’s birthday party, or create a large jar to keep at home for the family! It’s up to you. Why not give it a go today, and browse JBC’s range of glass jars to store your new creations.

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