The mason jar trend has stood the test of time – get your own!

There has been something of a revolution in the glass jars industry in recent years. Mason jars are trending! Traditionally used for preserving and pickling, and invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, these moulded glass jars have gone from being a purely practical home essential to a much loved design feature and accessory at all the best picnics, dinners and parties. So, how did it happen?

It was back in 2014/15 that the mason jar first began to appear in restaurants and bars. In fact, there was a time during the summer of 2015 that you couldn’t pass a pop up in London without seeing them. The appeal is obvious – a well made glass jar with plenty of capacity that is a cool and quirky addition to any table. Mason jars made it into the print media, the pages of glossy magazines and onto the shelves of all the most trend conscious homes around the UK. And then in 2016…

…the trend continued! In fact, now we are seeing mason jars more widely used than ever before. They’ve become stars of Instagram thanks to the ability to showcase picture perfect cocktails and delicious colourful treats that are enhanced by the shape and transparency of the mason jar. Now, the mason jar has gone through several evolutions and we have the mason mug too. This was a natural next step for mason jar lovers, adding a handle to the classic jar shape.

The mason mug is the next evolution of the mason jar, enabling those who love to use theirs for smoothies, juices or cocktails to have a more convenient option for drinking. Mason mugs have the sturdy jar shape and the traditional curves, as well as an easy to hold handle that ensures there are no accidental drops. The mason mug also has a lid – like a traditional mason jar – which allows the contents to be kept fresh or covered in a way that most traditional mugs simply don’t.

The trend for mason jars – and mason mugs – is set to continue:

  • For serving cold drinks in restaurants
  • As a container for yogurt or dishes such as Bircher muesli
  • Home made salt and pepper shakers
  • A pot for a home made candle
  • Fun drinking mugs for summer BBQs (keep the flies out with the lid on)
  • Natural air fresheners– filled with lemon, rosemary and vanilla
  • The mason jar salad – it’s a thing, just ask Instagram
  • The new smoothie bowl in the coolest cafes
  • Perfect for party favours – at all the most aesthetically pleasing weddings

If you’d like to explore the different ways in which you can use mason jars then check out our great selection and let your imagination run wild.

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