Make Your Summer Picnic a Piece of (Cheese)cake.

With the summer picnicking well underway, there are a few key things you need to make it a day to remember, and a good cheesecake is definitely one of them. 

We thought it would be a great idea to share an idea we've been working on for a little while. Helping you serve your scrumptious summer desserts in a funky and creative way.

An All-Rounded Option for Summer Desserts

Our range of rounded glass jars, available in 110ml, 125ml and 167ml, really bring out the presentation of your beautiful summer cheesecakes, crumbles and jellies making this a piece of cake. The range of jar capacities allows you to dish-up ideal dessert portions in an unconventional yet imaginative way that will not only look cute but accentuate the enjoyment of eating such you pudding!

Each jar, made of high-quality clear glass, showcases the distinct and vibrant colours of your summer fruits and makes storage wonderfully easy. 

Take a look below at a very simple to follow recipe for Cherry Cheesecake. The perfect dessert on a warm summers day!

JBC’s Recipe for Cherry Cheesecake Jars (Makes 8):

200g Cream Cheese

200ml Double Cream

6 tbsp Icing Sugar

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

500g Cherries

Wash the cherries and cut them in half, removing the stones. Use a food processor to blitz the biscuits into crumbs (or you can do this by hand) before dividing them equally between the jars. Whisk the cream cheese, cream, 5 tbsp icing sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl until softly whipped. Tip 250g of cherries and the final tbsp of icing sugar into another bowl, using a fork to crush into a purée. Divide this mixture into the jars, or alternatively, you can ripple the purée through the cream. Top each cheesecake with the remaining cherries, secure the lids and keep cool until ready to eat.

Jars for every Summer Treat

Whatever you are making this Summer, be it desserts or jams, JBC is passionate about finding the right jars for you. This is why our glass jars, from 1oz to 1550ml, come in a variety of styles – caps, kiln clips and in an assortment of shapes.

However, all of our jars have one thing in common – they are all available to sample – meaning that we can help you find the best jars for you without having to make excessive orders of products before you have decided.

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