How to make low fat dressings and store them in JBC's Marasca and Dorica range
In the realm of culinary arts, salads stand out as versatile dishes that can be enhanced significantly by the right dressing. For those watching their fat intake, mastering the art of making low-fat dressings is essential. A stylish and practical way to store these dressings is by using bottles from the Dorica or Marasca range available at

Creating a low-fat dressing involves balancing acidity, sweetness, and flavourful herbs while minimizing oil content. Traditional dressings often rely heavily on oils, but with a few creative tweaks, you can craft healthier alternatives that are still rich in taste.

Starting with a base of vinegar or citrus juice is the first step. Vinegars like balsamic, apple cider, or red wine vinegar offer a tangy foundation. Citrus juices such as lemon or lime add a fresh zest. These acidic components give the sharpness typical in dressings but without the fat.

To balance the acidity, a touch of natural sweetness can be added. Ingredients like honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar work well. Just a small amount can significantly enhance the flavour profile.

Introducing mustard or Greek yogurt can add a creamy texture to the dressing without needing oil. A small amount of Dijon mustard can emulsify the dressing, and Greek yogurt provides a creamy base for thicker dressings.

Herbs and spices are crucial for adding depth. Fresh or dried herbs like dill, parsley, or oregano and spices such as garlic powder, black pepper, or paprika can transform a simple dressing into something special.

Choosing a high-quality bottle for storage is important. Once prepared, storing the dressing in an elegant bottle not only preserves its freshness but also adds an aesthetic appeal. The Dorica or Marasca range from JBConline Oil and Dressing collection features various sizes and sleek designs, ideal for both storage and serving.

Lastly, don't hesitate to experiment with different ingredients. Adding a splash of orange juice to a balsamic vinaigrette, for instance, can create a delightful new flavour.

Making low-fat dressings is a creative process that goes beyond just cutting calories. It's about exploring new tastes and enjoying salads in a healthier way. And with the right storage solution like the Dorica or Marasca bottles from, these homemade dressings can be a stylish addition to your kitchen or dining experience or to add to your business catalogue.