Glass jars for any commercial or home kitchen

Glass jars are a necessity in any kitchen. Whether it's a commercial operation, a small business, or even your kitchen at home, they make your cooking and baking life that much easier. Using them is the perfect way to keep your ingredients organised.

Essentially, they're vital for storing baking supplies and keeping your ingredients fresh.

For your kitchen 

Glass jars are strong, hygienic, and long-lasting, which makes them ideal for baking and cooking projects in a busy kitchen.

They come in all shapes and sizes—from tiny 1-ounce mini jam jars to large 850ml jam jars —which means you can store both small and large quantities of ingredients depending on the size of your operation.

It's a lot easier when your baking supplies are organised. And one of the best ways to keep baking supplies organised is to store them in glass. They also help to preserve foods like flour, sugar, nuts, and other baking staples so they stay fresh longer.

Glass jar

Using glass jars for home bakers 

For home bakers who don’t need huge quantities of ingredients for their cooking or baking, smaller or medium sized jars will be ideal. A few of these will be perfect for occasional home baking and storing ingredients in your proudly perfect pantry. They also add a certain flair to your kitchen when displayed on shelves and counters.

Just remember that when storing food items and ingredients in a glass jar it’s important to make sure the lid is airtight, otherwise the contents might go rancid quickly, or become inhabited by tiny unwanted creatures. 

When cleaning them, always make sure to use warm soapy water. Take a look here for some glass jar care instructions.

Glass jar

For bakeries and catering businesses 

For bakeries and catering businesses who use larger quantities of ingredients for their recipes than home bakers do, a glass jar is still an excellent choice for storage. It keeps ingredients safe from moisture and pests such as ants or bugs. Being a commercial operation, this is even more important for health and safety reasons, and it's important to inspect your storage facilities from time to time.

Glass jar

In any kitchen setting—whether it's a catering facility, bakery shop, or home kitchen—glass is one of the best materials out there for storing and organising ingredients like flour, sugar, nuts etc.

With its hygienic properties and versatility there's no doubt why glass is one of the top choices when it comes to storing food items in any sized kitchen.

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