The Quintessential Collection: Old Fashioned Mason Jars in Three Sizes


Elegance and Practicality Across Volumes


The Old Fashioned Mason Jar collection from JBC Online, with its 500ml, 1000ml, and 2L offerings, combines vintage charm with modern practicality. These jars are not just containers but elegant additions to any home, blending seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary decors.


1. The 500ml Old Fashioned Mason Jar

Versatile Use: Perfect for smaller quantities of spices, jams, or as a unique holder for candles and small plants.

Dimensions:  More compact, ideal for limited spaces yet still maintains the classic aesthetic.


2. The 1000ml Old Fashioned Mason Jar

All-Purpose Storage: Ideal for kitchen staples like pasta, rice, or as a decorative piece.

Distinctive Design: Features an 'Old Fashioned' logo, adding a touch of nostalgia.


3. The 2L Old Fashioned Mason Jar

Large Storage Solutions:  Excellent for storing larger quantities like flour or as a statement piece in decor.

Bold and Beautiful: The largest in the range, it makes a significant visual impact.


Common Features

Material: Made of clear, durable glass.

Cap: Each jar comes with a 2-piece silver screw cap, ensuring freshness.

Style: The jars are heavily embossed, enhancing their vintage appeal.

Eco-Friendly: Reusable and sustainable, these jars are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Usage Beyond Storage

Home Decor: These jars can be transformed into vases, light fixtures, or terrariums.

Event Decoration: Ideal for weddings or parties, they can be used as centerpieces or favor containers.

Gift Ideas:Fill them with homemade treats or bath salts for a personal touch.


The Old Fashioned Mason Jar collection, available in 500ml, 1000ml, and 2L sizes, is a versatile and stylish addition to any home. Whether used for storage, decor, or as gifts, these jars bring a blend of functionality and vintage elegance. Their varied sizes cater to different needs, making them a must-have in any household. As us now for some great pricing for volume discounts!