Cookie Recipe Ideas

Everyone loves the odd sweet treat now and then, and few are as loved as the cookie! Families have loved these doughy delights for generations and now there are so many different styles, some of which you might not have seen before.

Here are some of our team’s favourite cookie recipes for you to try at home. And, if you want to share them with loved ones (or save them for yourself), you might want to check out our collection of stylish glass cookie jars.

The Standard Cookie Recipe

Sometimes, basic is best.

For your standard cookie base, you can generally utilise a basic 3:2:1 recipe of flour from fat to sugar.

Not only does this make for a quick sweet treat, but it’s also a good base from which to add and experiment with your own cookie style.

Here are some different cookie recipe ideas to try:

The Bacon Lover’s Cookie

This is one of the quirkiest ideas that we have come up with, so try it if you dare!

Many of us love sweet and salty combinations, and one of the originals is maple syrup and bacon. Instead of on pancakes, why not in a cookie?

Simply add some maple syrup to your cookie mixture (not too much, or the texture will become too runny), and swap the chocolate chips for crispy bacon pieces before baking.

Children’s Favourite 

Baking with children is so much fun, and cookies are a great way to start!

For a sweet treat for kids, simply incorporate their favourite chocolates into the cookies by breaking them into small chunks and adding them to the mixture before baking.

Or, for something a bit different, why not let them choose which sweet fillings to include with their cookie for a personalised treat?

Adding a couple of gummy sweets to the top of the cookies mid-baking can be fun. When the gummies melt, the colours blend to create a crazy fun topping!

The Health-Conscious Cookie

Now, you probably don’t need us to tell you about the nutritional value of cookies, but the odd treat now and then is important! Plus, there are ways to add some nutrition to your favourite luxuries.

Matcha tea is full of goodness and makes for a unique addition to your cookies. The powder is available in most supermarkets as a health food and also makes the cookies a vibrant and interesting shade of green!

The Perfect Cookie Jars

Just as classic as the cookie itself is the cookie jar. Why we might not be acclaimed bakers, we do consider ourselves to be experts in this part!

Here at JBC, we stock a huge range of glass jars in the perfect sizes for family use. One of our favourite models is our KilnClip Jars, which come in a stylish design with an airtight lid to keep your cookies fresh. A great gift idea is cookie mix bottles/jars - you can even tie the recipe around the neck!

Of course, we have a huge range of glass jars on our site, so be sure to have a look for the perfect one for you! You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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