8 Ways to Repurpose Empty Glass Jars

Glass jars are a great alternative to plastic because they can be safely and stylishly reused in so many different ways. Whether you want to buy less, live a more sustainable lifestyle, or simply save some money, reusing empty glass jars to organise your kitchen can be a great first step.

Glass jars are incredibly versatile, so get creative! Here are some of our favourite ways to repurpose your spare jars.

1. Pre-Preparing Food

So many of us struggle to find the time to cook as we wish. It’s no surprise that meal prepping has become such a trend these days, and glass jars can be a big help!

Instead of buying pre-prepared food in packets, buy it fresh, prep it at home and then store it in a glass jar. So many fresh ingredients can be kept this way, either in the fridge or through techniques like pickling.

Your favourite ingredients will be all prepared and ready to go. All you have to do is grab the jar from the fridge when you’re ready to cook.

2. Storing Fresh Herbs

Herbs can be expensive and, if not used straight away, often end up wilted in the bottom of the fridge. However, glass jars can help to extend the life of your herbs a little longer.

Fill your glass jar with a little water and stand the herbs inside. Cover the top with a clear plastic bag and your herbs will last much longer.

3. Organise Kitchen Utensils

Drawers full of utensils are a pain. We’ve all experienced that moment when you can’t even open the drawer because a wooden spoon or tin opener has jammed it shut.

A glass jar can make for a stylish, rustic way to organise your kitchen utensils. Set the jars on work surfaces or hang them with a metal attachment to keep your drawers clutter-free.

4. Fashionable Lunch Jar

Thanks to sustainability drives across the world, mason jar lunches are becoming a big trend. Instead of buying another tub, reach for a spare glass jar that will keep your food fresh.

The Mason Jar Lunch might be very Instagrammable thanks to its gorgeous aesthetics but it’s also a very practical solution to transporting your food without having to buy any more plastic.

5. Storing Kitchen Wipes

If you don’t like the look of your plastic wipes box, use a glass jar for a more pleasing alternative.

Cut a hole in the lid of your glass jar to thread the wipes through and you’ve instantly got a more effective and stylish way to store kitchen wipes. Plus, they are much more likely to stay fresh inside a glass container than in a plastic box once it’s been opened.

6. Managing Baking Supplies

If you’re a keen baker, you know the frustration of a messy supply cupboard. With so many small ingredients sporadically used, glass jars can be the perfect way to keep everything organised, fresh and looking great.

Glass jars can be used to store everything, from baking soda to cupcake cases. A few labels later and you’ll have everything perfectly organised and ready to go.

7. Tidy Spice Rack

Spices are something that we have a lot of but only use in small quantities at a time. Inside opened plastic packets, spices can lose their freshness, so glass jars can help to keep them tasting their best.

Organise your spices with labelled, reused glass jars and you’ll have a much more organised spice rack, with no open packets and fewer spills.

8. Keep Your Dry Foods Fresh

You might not think too much about it, but dry foods like cereal and pasta all lose a bit of freshness when exposed to air, reducing their quality. Swap those cut open plastic packets for stylish glass jars to maintain maximum freshness.

As you can see, glass jars not only look great but have many potential functions, making them the perfect packaging for a sustainable future. If you’re interested in using wholesale glass jars for your goods, why not browse our range today?