4 glass bottles and a Christmas growler

Beer, wine, milk, or fruit juice - the types of glass bottles used are as important as its contents. The colour and shape of the bottle says a lot about what's inside, whether it can be stored, and maybe even where the product comes from. Glass is the go-to choice for many drinks manufacturers because of the tried and tested benefits. Imagine buying a tasty lager in a cardboard box! It just doesn’t work! 

So let’s take a closer look at these 4 glass bottles and the Christmas growler.

90 (nine) Bottles of Beer on the Wall 

There are many different shapes and sizes of beer bottles. Some of the most common are the AMC Beer bottle, the Flint beer bottle, or the stubby beer bottle. Each type of bottle has its own unique shape and size that is designed to accommodate a certain type of beer.

Some bottles are green, others brown or amber, and as you’ll notice on our beer bottle page, it is possible to use clear bottles as well. We would only recommend clear bottles if the contents are going to be consumed relatively soon after being bottled. Amber, brown and green bottles have this colouring mainly to protect the contents from being ruined by any bright light through a process known as skunking. 

Glass bottles

Oil, sauce, and bottles for all

These glass bottles are sexy little numbers, and are great for displaying on a shelf (with olive oil for example), ideal for keeping sauces fresh, and perfect for holding your spicy, tangy, or sweet accompaniments.

You have to visit our Oil and Sauce bottles page to appreciate the variety and sassiness of each one. Looking for something curvy? We’ve got it! Something with an attractive green tint? We’ve got that too! 

Glass bottles

 H2: There’s no grumbling when it’s in a Growler - especially at Christmas

A growler is a fun loving glass jug, mainly used to hold draught beer. They’re ideal for home brewing and major breweries, and there’s even an emerging market for collectible growlers. These are confident bottles with a range of shapes - ideal for standing out in a crowd of average-joe beer bottles!

Make sure to check out Santa’s Beer Tank - a limited edition Christmas growler for a Christmas display, retail package or even a personal gift. 

Swing Stopper Bottles - It’s not just a cool name

You could consider this option the versatile, ‘handy-man’ of the glass bottle world. With a variety of uses, and great for preserving sauces and oils, there isn’t much you can’t use a swing stopper bottle for. With the plastic swing stopper attached to the neck, the bottle is able to seal in freshness perfectly.

Branching out into the food market with mouth-watering products? Check these bottles out right away! 

Glass bottles

Milk bottles for a dairy tipple or a fresh fruit juice

The humble milk bottle is quietly confident, but with its wide mouth and sturdy body, offers the ingredients a chance to breathe. The wider mouth means pouring out your favourite fruit juice or milk is a cinch!  

These bottles are ideal for use by dairies, home producers, and even for taking with you to milk refill stations.

We’re passionate about glass bottles - obviously - and as a supplier, we carry  a range of bottles for breweries, dairies, and even the home juice-maker. Visit our Glass bottle page to see the full range of products which can be ordered in packs, samples, or  pallets.
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